Sunday, February 24, 2008

My litttle hair stylist

For the last several months Rylee has been into doing hair. It was just perfect that claire was in the mood to sit because Rylee "styled" for about 10 minutes! She also loved doing Courtney and Nana's hair. While in chicage she did Matt and Afton's hair. Everytime we see our friends Aspen and Jessica she makes Jessica sit on the floor so she's just the right hight. She once did Jessicas hair for over 45 minutes! Like mother like daughter i guess!


Miss Rylee and Miss Claire are 3 months apart! It was so funny to me to watch them play. Claire is SO tiny and Rylee is off the charts for being such a tall girl!

What were they watching?

GLUED TO THE TV! Rylee had so much fun playing with Courthey! She is such a fun Auntie!


Thanks mom! 20 min before bed!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ready for runway!

Nana's dress up box is SO much fun!

So small

I was looking at old pictures on my moms computer and came across a few pics of Rylee when we first moved up here. I always forget how little she was! Its hard for me to believe she is almost 2! Time sure flies by! She was 4 days old in these pictures.


I dont know if you have seen this show on Nick Jr. but Rylee is OBSESSED with it! For the longest time i couldn't get this girl to watch t.v. now that i have found this show i am able to leave her side for 20 minutes! That is unless shes sick... like now. Backyardigans were turned on last night around 10:00 when Rylee woke up with a night mare. Now frist thing this morning there back on! YEA for us!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

poor little girl!

We are up in Washington for the week having a blast. Shopping, playing with Nana and Courtney, and having some GOOD home cooked meals! Rylee went to bed Friday night with a little cough so i thought nothing of it. We had a big family dinner last night and she started a slight fever. This morning she woke up happy but went down hill from there. I finally took her into the walk in clinic at noon. We waited in the waiting room for two hours. By the time we were seen Rylee had a temp of 105. The final conclusion of her illnesses are an ear infection and pneumonia! She is starting to feel better tonight after lots of tylenol, motrin, and anitbiotics!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Im now going to try to keep up a little better! I was so happy with how well these turned out. Rylee actually had a lot of fun "playing" with the photographer!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Build a Bear

What an exciting place for a little girl!

Little Gym

Rylee has so much fun in her little gym class. She has made a lot of new friends. Her favorite things to do are bubbles, and the balance beam. I highly recommend little gym for cold winters!