Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potting plants and toilet water

I have a hard time with disobedient and mischievous...

Rylee has been both of these today...

Being 3 seems to have cut Rylee's ears off.
She left them behind in the world of 2's.

We were outside potting my plants
(They look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G)

She is loving the sunny weather, and the dirt.
Especially the dirt, which was fine today.
She hadn't taken a bath yet so I was letting her
have a hay day.

After cleaning up the yard, and the piles of dirt off the
sidewalk we came inside to make a quick lunch and
to take a shower!!

I asked Rylee if her feet were really dirty.
(cleaning ladies were just here and I wouldn't want to upset Steve)

She replied with a big, fat, huge YES;
but don't worry Mama, I will clean them off.

I took a look to make sure they weren't terribly dirty,
and said...

Rylee don't clean them. Were about to take a shower.
You can wash then after lunch...

...Making lunch...

Look in bathroom to find a disobedient Rylee washing her feet,
with toilet paper.


Rylee doesn't know how to turn on the bathroom sink.


sick, gross, nasty, brown (from dirty feet)
shredded toilet paper all over the bathroom floor.

I had a long conversation with Rylee about:
1. Listening to her mom, and why it's a good idea.
2. What toilet paper is used for.
3. Why we don't touch toilet water.

~I think she understood~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Clindamycin = Rat Poison

So the antibiotics that Rylee is taking these
days tastes like


I'm not even joking just a little bit.
It is the most awful thing known to man.
Its a capsule I have to break open
and pour into something because the liquid is
even worse.

The pharmacist told me to mix it with something
citrus, so that is what I've been doing.


I tasted the stuff because I was having a really hard time
getting her to swallow it.
My tongue burned for an hour after.

I decided I needed to try something new.
My dad's friend is an ER doc and he told me to use
apple sauce.
My idea of mixing it with apple sauce was a
little layer of applesauce,
then the layer of poison,
and then a mound of cinnamon sugar.

It worked for a few doses.

She has to have this powder poison every 8 hours,
this means 2 am.


Today I was talking to Uncle (Spencer)
and he saw her take her 6:00 pm apple sauce
delight last night. He asked why I couldn't just put the
whole capsule into a bite?


Rylee just swallowed her first adult size pill!
It was inside a bite of oatmeal but hey...
she did it!!!!

She is SO proud of herself,
she didn't have to taste the poison!
Lets just hope this wasn't a one time shot.

Good luck at the 6:00 pm dose Rylee!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A very fun 4/20/09

Rylee had a VERY fun birthday!

I'm SO glad she was finally starting to feel better
just in time for her big Birthday!
We started off the day with a trip to the
doctor just to make sure the infection was
still getting better. After that we met Grandpa
and Granny Kate at Einsteins
(surprise surprise)
for breakfast! Rylee really wanted a pony ride on her
Birthday so we went to Thanksgiving Point
and hung out on the farm. Petting zoo, pony & carriage ride,
and fun in the sun! Grandpa, Granny, Sarah, Josh man, Jessica,
Aspen,and Irelynn all came to help us celebrate!

Rylee, Aspen, and Mommy


Birthday Princess and her mommy

Rylee and her FAVORITE animal
(besides the elephants at the zoo)

Miss Thang, Josh man, Irelynn, and Aspen
Outside during the birthday BBQ

Finding her ...

...NEW CAR!!!!!!!


Hello Kitty Birthday cake!

Thanks to all who came to play with us on Rylee's
Special day! We had a blast and we hope you all did too!

Do all kids say this?

So I was outside doing yard work and playing with Rylee today
she started making a MESS on the sidewalk with dirt.
I firmly told Rylee to knock it off.
She stormed off talking to some imaginary friend of hers
telling her that she needed a new, nicer Mommy.


Monday, April 20, 2009

My Princess is 3

I can't believe the day has finally arrived.

*Rylee is 3*

I had a few pictures of Rylee taken just before she
became sick. Rylee is having a family BBQ this year
for her party.
The entire kitchen is decorated in

(her favorite these day)

Rylee is such a blessing in my life.
I can't wait to experience her 3rd year with her.
She is starting pre-school this year and
is extremely excited!
I'm pretty sure that's why she is so excited about this birthday!

I took Rylee to the doctor this morning and her
infection seems to be doing a lot better.
She has another appointment in the morning.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

... continued

MRSA is the DEVIL.
So I last told you that the doctors thought Rylee had

MRSA is taking over our lives.

Like I said in my last post Rylee had one of her boils drained
Friday morning. Rylee spent most of the day Friday
in the bath tub. Friday night around 9:00 pm
Rylee got into the tub for the last time before bed.
I looked at her boil and it seemed to be spreading.
It was about the size of a golf ball.
After calling the on-call doc we decided it
would be best to take Rylee up to Primary Children's ER
to have it looked at.

We arrived to the ER just after 10:00pm
We sat for 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room,
and another 1 1/2 hours in our room before seeing a dr.
It was so late and Rylee was being so good.
Just before the doc came into our room Rylee fell asleep.
The doctor took a look and decided that Rylee would
needto have this boil drained.

problem... No whitehead.

This meant that Rylee would need to be sedated and
he would need to make a small incision and squeeze.
He thought he would be able to relieve all the pressure
by going this route. If not then they would need to take her into
surgery and make a larger incision. This means going completely under.

About 3:30am the nurses and doctor were ready
to do the draining.
SEDATION is sad.
The doctor decided not to numb Rylee either.
This means Rylee is sedated so she can't move,
can still feel all of the pain,
and just has to lie there in horrific, excruciating pain.
This broke my heart.
instead of one incision he actually had to make 3.
Rylee was so brave.
It was so hard to watch and know there is absolutely
you can do.
Around 5:00 am we were able to go home.

I had to do hair at 9:00 am.
not so fun.

Rylee slept until 11:00 am Saturday morning.
When she woke up she couldn't
remember anything from the night before
The doctor told me that even though she would feel
all of the pain, she wouldn't remember any of it.
He was right. It's still very sad in my mind.
She seemed fine ALL day long.
She got a scooter for being SO brave.
We took a nap at 3:00 pm.
We woke up at 5:00 pm
I changed Rylees bandage.

now 2 golf ball size.

Back to ER.
Another 2 1/2 hour wait.
Taken back to room to find infection the size of a softball.
4 docs, 2 nurses, IV, new antibiotics through IV,
They decided to keep Rylee overnight for close observation,
and 3 rounds of antibiotics.


The doctor came in this morning about 10:30 am
and looked at the boil.
Infection was going down and boil was starting to look better.
He decided to send us home around 11:00 am

We have been home all day and Rylee is acting
just like herself. She is actually bouncing off the walls
from all of the antibiotics.

She got to take a shower and 2 baths today.
She spilled the beans and
told me how happy she was to feel clean again.

I am now just keeping my fingers crossed she gets to
have a hospital free birthday tomorrow.
Its amazing how well she has taken all of this.

This picture is of Rylee receiving her 3rd, and
hopefully final IV round of antibiotics.
She is SO BRAVE.

Did I mention that RYLEE means BRAVE

Friday, April 17, 2009


Do these random letters from the alphabet
mean anything to you?

Well last week I was just as clueless about this question as
you are I'm sure.

I took Rylee into the doctor on Wednesday because
she has a "zit" on her bum that was really hurting her.
I know, stupid reason to run to the doctor.

When the doctor looked at this "zit" and examined it she
asked if I have ever heard of MRSA.

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

aka "super bug"

I told her no.

She explained that it is a staph infection that used to only be found in
hospital workers but over the years has spread to the community.

She was VERY vague.

I left confused and prescription-less.

Last night I called the office and told the doc that she had
another boil and that she was in pain.

She called in a prescription for a certain antibiotic that
is used to treat MRSA.

A sleepless night followed.

It was an early morning at the Walker home.
I called the doctor this morning because Rylee had
yet another boil.
She was in a lot of pain all night, and crying all morning.
She asked if I could bring her in right away.

P.J's at the doctors office... HOT!

She drained the boil and told me to keep Rylee in the bath tub
as much as possible today.
That's where we have spent the past 2 hours!!
Rylee is thrilled with this advise.
She is such a fish.

Tomorrow morning the doctor is going to call us with the
lab results and ask me if the sores are looking better.
If they aren't and they are still soft to touch
(they should turn hard after being popped. Just like a zit)
Then we will need to go up to primary,
have Miss Thang put out, and
have them drained. The puss will have moved further
into her skin and isn't able to be drained through

I feel awful for this little squirt.

It's almost her BIRTHDAY!
She can't be sick!

Hopefully all the bathswill do the trick today
the antibiotics will do the rest!

Keep Ry in your thoughts!
To be continued...

:: The sores are on her bum... that's why I am not posting a picture::

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time for some sunshine

We all have our bad days...
(or bad 8 days that never seem to end,
no matter how bad you want them to.
I think your initials have to be KRW,
live in sandy, and be 23.
I'm pretty sure that there is only one)

...Anyways hard days, or weeks are impossible to prevent

::Today I realized something::
Blogging takes my
away :)

I'm not quite sure if its blogging or thinking about getting to
quote my adorable almost 3 year old. She makes
me laugh so hard even on the rough days. Who would have
thought that I would get to have a daughter who is so
Divalicious, sweet, and Girly beyond belief.

Well I did and she makes my smile

*Hope you all have a GREAT day*
Let your kids make you smile today

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emotional about "wormies"

First of all...
we woke up to rain today. It lead to snow.
I'm not very happy about this.
(this fact has nothing to do with my story)

Rylee discovered worms yesterday.
She has a lot of emotions about this...
obsessed, disturbed, confused,
scared, curious, anxious, infatuated...

Before bed last night she checked on the front steps 3 times
to make sure the "wormies" were okay.
This morning she woke up and insisted on checking on them again.
She wanted to make sure they were awake for the day.

And now, she is scared of them

I have never actually met a kid who is SCARED of worms.
Did I do this to her?
Have I created this paranoia?

She is obsessed by them.
She tells me that I can't run over them with my car
(I obviously have no control over this)
She won't go near them today because she has
decided that they will jump up and bite her.
I told her to look closely at how SLOW they move but she
won't listen to me.
I have to carry her though the garage
to the car because there are a few
within 4 feet of her side of the car door.

Today while I was doing her hair she tried to convince me that
the wormies were going to crawl up the bathroom drain
and take a bath in our sink.

Where does she come up with this?
I knew she had a good imagination but this is
beyond... far beyond.

As you can see in this picture Rylee is biting her nails.
She often does this in uncomfortable situations.
Clearly she is freaked out by worms.


While driving through our neighborhood today
there was a yard full of birds!
Seriously probably 30 birds.

I stopped and told Rylee to take a look.
I told her that birds eat worms.

You should have seen the look on her face.

She started to get REALLY excited and came up with an idea.

Rylee: mom I have an idea. How about this mom...

Mom: okay tell me.

Rylee: Why don't we go tell the birds that when they are done here
they can come to our house and eat our wormies.
Do you like that idea mom? Do you?
(this idea took about 4 minutes to spit out)

Mom: That is a very good idea Rylee. If the birds are still hungry they will.

Rylee: Can you tell them mom? Kease (please)

Mom: (seriously? Can I be the crazy bird lady and tell the birds to come over)
Sure babe. I will tell them.

Easter Fun

We had a fun Easter at our house this year. I got Rylee back from a weekend with her dad at 11:00 and we went straight home to see what the Bunny brought her. When we got home we realized that the Bunny had a hole in his sack and left a trail of jelly beans leading to her basket. She was beyond excited to find her basket and all the treasures inside. She is obsessed with lip stick these days. She found a pack of lip smackers at the grocery store that has had her eye on for a few weeks. We made a special trip to the mall to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap just so she could tell him that she really wanted him to bring her the blue set of pretty gloss.

What do you know...
he actually brought it to her. She was thrilled! The day finished with a family dinner including Sarah, Andrew, Baby Josh, Grandpa, and Granny Kate. We colored eggs and then headed outside for an egg hunt. It was a great day spent with family and fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I went to the Periodontist today.

I need a gum graft


I am NOT excited about this at all.
They say I should only be out of commission for a week
so that's good news I guess.

I have scheduled the surgery for May.
If anyone would like to "adopt" a 3 year old
for an hour here and there just let me know :)

I hear this kind of thing is hereditary...