Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Rylee started piano lessons today! She's wanted to start the past couple of years and today was her day;) She did a great job at lessons and wanted to come straight home to practice. I know those days will soon end so I have to capture a photo while she still has a smile on her face.

 Rylee also learned how to call my cell phone from the house phone today. I had a girls dinner scheduled tonight so Rylee had the option to:
1: come with me and listen to us ladies chat all evening
2: Sit on the couch in her pjs and watch a movie. 
(with Grandpa and Granny's supervision of course)

Obviously she chose a movie!
So, before I left we practiced dialing my number just in case she felt it necessary to give me a jingle. Just as I suspected, Rylee found a reason to call. Our conversation went a little like this...
Rylee- "Hi mom!'
Mom- "Hey Ry whats up?"
Rylee- "Just wondering when you're gonna be home."
Mom- "I'm leaving the restaurant in 10 minutes so I'll be home in 20."
Rylee- "Ok.... (long pause) Hey mom... where did you go out for dinner?"  
Mom- "Brio at fashion place mall."
Rylee- "OOH I love that place. Mom, do you think you could grab me 6 mints on your way out the door? I LOVE THEIR MINTS!"
Funny little lady