Monday, June 28, 2010


We had such a fun weekend!

A big group of friends went to the lake for
the afternoon Sunday.
We packed lunch, toys, and rafts!
The kids had a blast and so did the moms!!

Then to top it off I got a food processor...
Who would have thought that me of all
people would be so excited about this
but after borrowing my neighbors
while Sarah and I made our jam I decided
it is a household must.
Thanks dad;)

Friday, June 25, 2010


We had our appointment today up at Primary's.
The doctor was great and apologised a million
times for the space ship costume confusion
during the traumatic EEG.
He said he laughed when he read over the chart
and the first thing that came to mind was that
scene in ET;)
The good news: EEG results were in and normal!!
The bad news: They are still not ruling out seizures
as the cause of everything.
The treatment plan for now is to watch Rylee closely over the
next 4 weeks and see how many times a day she has
"episodes" including the newest... zoning out.
Along with her eye twitch I have been noticing
that Rylee will go into a daze a couple times a day.
Today for instance she did it after a shower. It took
me 3 times of saying her name and asking her what
she was looking at for her to even acknowledge me.
All this time I have thought she was just ignoring
until I paid closer attention. So...I have gotten mad at her
and told her to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION.
Might not be the poor kids fault!
I'm such a mean mom
She also did this in the dr office.
He wants me to write down and take notes of how often
and the duration of each time she does this.
In 4 weeks depending on what I find we will
do another EEG and an MRI:(
The doctor feels bad for putting her through it all again
but these types of seizures are hard to diagnose.
He said if those results come back negative as well
that he would consider putting Rylee on a
trial run with seizure medication and see if it helps.
Thanks for all your concerns, thoughts, and prayers
coming our way.
I'm just happy Ry gets a 4 week break from
doctors invading her personal space!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good little patient

They said they wanted
sleep deprived.
this is what they got;)

It was an early morning for us.
We arrived to Primary Children's Hospital
and went to desk B.
This is where EEG and sleep tests are done.
We checked in and sat down.
After 3 minutes of waiting it was our turn to head back.
These two girls dressed in gowns, gloves, hats, and MASKS
Came to get us.
I was asking myself...
"is all this gear really necessary?"
They walked us back to a little room.
By this point Rylee was terrified.
Why were these girls dressed so strange
and what were they going to do?
Once we got into the room they asked what
contagious illness Rylee has.
I said "I didn't know she was sick?"
Were they aware of something I was not?
Then they stated
"Rylee has MRSA correct?"
Yes in April of 2009 Rylee had MRSA.
Apparently once you have had MRSA you are
flagged for life as contagious.
We were off to a GREAT start!
Rylee was terrified.
Throwing a fit the size of China.
She had to be swaddled in a blanket so tight
she wasn't able to move then I basically had to
sit on her.
After they got all the Cords pasted in all over her
head and wrapped with gauze the nurses left the
room. Rylee finally calmed down and laid still on her bed.
The first test was 40 minutes then
another test which used a strobe light was for
5 minutes.

After she realized NONE of this hurt
at all she was okay with people touching her.
Rylee is so brave;)
We have our next appointment at
Primary's on Friday at 1:00.
They are sure on top of things.
I will be sure to keep you posted.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
They are helping!
I noticed that Rylee had 2 "episodes"
today during her EEG which was a huge
blessing. Hopefully this will show the doctors what
going on inside this cute girls head!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleep deprived sugar free EEG...

Just wanted to update on Rylee's neurologist appointment this past Friday. It ended up being 3 1/2 hours during which we met with 2 different doctors. The second doctor was the Optha-Neurologist. She did a few different tests and we talked a lot about Rylee's "episodes." A few weeks ago I video recorded 5 minutes worth of her eye spasms. The recording ended up being very helpful in trying to figure out our next step. While replaying the video about 10 times she realized every time her eye started to twitch her mouth, face, etc... would stop moving. Even though this only lasted a second or two at a time it was also very noticeable once she pointed it out. Without video she wouldn't have been able to "witness" the problem. That's now appointments like this work... it NEVER happens while in the doctor office;) She did say that she feel confident to mention that this has nothing to do with Rylee's eye, even stating that her eyes are very healthy. She also never mentioned anything about a tumor! GOOD GOOD GOOD! The doctor we met with is referring us to a pediatric neurologist at Primary Children's Hospital. We are on the fast track list which is a fast moving list kids go on when they are suspected to be having brain seizures. They like to get a diagnosis figured out quickly for these kids. Rylee will be having an EEG done on her brain Wed and hopefully we will meet our new neurologist Friday. She also thinks this could be the reason why is having such a hard time getting her speech down. I will let you know how all of this goes. They called today to remind me that Rylee needs to be sleep deprived on Wed morning. This means going to bed at least 2 hours late and wake up 2 hours early. Should be interesting... Ry needs/loves her beauty rest!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rylee is home!!

Ry came home late last night!
Its so nice to have her back!!!
Today she really wanted the neighbor
girls to come play outside.

Brooklyn, Paisley, Capri, Sofie, and Rylee

The girls were swinging
so high they said they could see

Next Josh and Sarah came over for lunch
and a jeep ride;)
These two kids sure love each other!

Rylee's Neurologist appointment is
in the morning... wish us luck!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Betty and Martha

Lots and lots of strawberry jam
Tons and tons of sister fun


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lemon Drops and Gum Drops

Today was Rylee's end of the year
pre-school performance!
It was so fun to watch a bunch
of 4 year olds sing songs
they have practiced over the past few months!

Rylee had so much fun coming home
from school showing off her singing skills.
She LOVES to practice singing.
She especially loves to practice in the bathroom;)
Who doesn't like to sing in the bathroom?
It's the most perfect singing place in the house.
One night she convinced Grandpa and Granny to
follow her into the bathroom so they could hear
one of her favorite songs.
Grandpa sat on the pot and granny got front row
on the floor. Rylee sat in the sink and preformed
a solo!

All of that practicing sure paid off!
~Rylee was the star of the show~
My favorite song they sang was
"If all the rain drops were
lemon drops and gum drops
ohhh what a rain it would be"
The kids all wore umbrella hats!

It was the highlight of my week
getting to watch my brave little lady
sing on stage in front of a full audience!
The Draper theater was packed!
Way to go Rylee!
I love you SO much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More bunny adventures;)

Today was a yard work, play outside with friends,
hopscotch, bike riding, planting flowers, hair cutting,
reuniting with Bailey, gymnastics class
kind of day.
Very busy and extremely eventful.
Yes, I said reunite with Bailey.
After passing her cage what must have been
a hundred times this morning and writing a novel about her
last night I managed to gain enough courage
to stick my bare hand into her cage and carefully lift her out.
It wasn't nearly as scary as I had built up in my head to be.
I'm not quite sure why I had made myself so
nervous about this, but I did.
After I held her for a minute I took her
around to the front yard where Rylee was waiting
patiently for her bff Eden from school.
When she saw the little white fur ball in my hand she
turned white with fear and shock!
She said:
Mommy what are you doing? Bailey bites!!!!!
I said:
No babe, Bailey is nice now.
Bailey was just scared.
Bailey loves us.
That's why she came back to us.
"Okay mama. Can I hold her now?"

It was that easy. Rylee played with Bailey
for about an hour. She had a death grip on the
poor thing. I know I have put entirely way to much
thought, time, and money into this critter.
~I guess we have a pet again~
Could be gone tomorrow but for tonight Bailey is ours!

Rylee leaves me tomorrow for 2 weeks:(
It will be rough. Keep her in your thoughts
that she won't get too homesick.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe I should try this thing they call "listening"

People told me not to do it.
They warned me it wouldn't be that easy.
I ignored.
I had to learn for myself I guess.
I am officially stupid.
After all, the first step is admitting... RIGHT?

I did it. I bought the Easter Bunny.
It was SO cute in the beginning. So cuddly. We loved her...
Well, she loved her.
I only wanted to make her day. Bailey sure made her day;)
Just as I was warned the novelty wore off.
The excitement faded.
After getting pooped on a couple of times the bunny turned into
our outside caged up friend who was played with occasionally.
After being bit a few times the caged critter wasn't hardly glanced at.
Poor Bailey.
This is NO way for a "cute" rodent to live.
I... I mean WE decided to let Bailey go.
We decided she is better off with her friends;)
This is where the story begins...

Wed afternoon: Bailey was let free. Happiest day of little Bailey life.
I took Bailey pretty far out in the gully. I thought
she would have a maximum of 24 hours left of life before
she was made a fancy feast for a fox.
Sunday: Flew to Seattle for Mothers Day!
Monday 8:00am: 1st neighbor calls. The conversation went something
like this... "Kelsey, you have a bunny right?"
"Correction. HAD a bunny." "Well if it was white and cute
you technically still have a bunny." "One of our neighbors came into my
office this morning asking if I knew of anyone in our
neighborhood who might have lost a bunny,
and I mentioned you. Sorry!" "UGH its ok. Such is my luck."
Monday 8:30am: Kathryn's office calls. "Do you have a bunny?"
"kinda" "ummmmm okay, well this strange man
came in today asking if Dr. Walker had a bunny
that might have gotten loose. I told him we
don't give out information like that. I won't ask anymore questions;)"

Monday 7:00 pm: Sarah went to get our mail each night
because the parental were in Europe and we
were in Seattle like I said. "Ummm Kelsey there is a giant
white note hanging on the front door." It Says
Great. Some people are all about animal rights.
My luck these neighbors are.
I have to call them.
Turns out neighbor didn't actually have the bunny.
The bunny had taken residence in his back yard but was
much too fast for a human to capture.
Wed 6:00 pm: Sister calls. My immediate thought when
I saw here number flash upon my screen was
Love you sis but I knew it was "Bailey" related.
"Kelsey, we pulled into the driveway tonight to grab the mail.
Andrew ran inside, I stayed in the car with Josh man.
Josh kept saying bunny, bunny, bunny.
I said yes Josh, this is where the bunny lives. After josh repeated his
bunny statement I finally looked at where he was pointing.
Sure enough there was Bailey sitting in the front yard.
We tried to catch her for 30 minutes by
chasing her all around the yard. That bunny is speedy!
I am certain Bailey knows this is her
house. If someone would have taped us trying to catch her I'm
positive it would have ended up on Americas
Funniest Home Videos... and taken 1st place."
Thursday 7:00pm: Sister calls. Same thought flashed through my mind.
Andrew went alone tonight to grab the mail. He was
stopped my Susan Isaac. She asked if the Walkers have a bunny.
By his immediate look of guilt that I'm sure was written all over his face
she knew the neighborhood "pet" was ours.
Susan wasn't happy. Susan said.... Well you need to catch that
bunny because its eating the Mason's flowers and I'm
sure when they realize they WILL NOT be happy.
Andrew went on to explain that this bunny has super powers and is
un-catchable. Susan said she would bust out her skills.
Saturday 7:00pm: Sister calls again.
So... I did a perimeter check around the house tonight.
I thought I would check and see if Bailey had been caught.
I knew it was a long shot to even think it was possible.
Well... you should have seen the look of shock on my face
when I saw the furry little critter back in her cage!!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes!

The BEST part of this entirely lengthy story
is that the neighbors who caught little Bailey the bunny
duct taped the cage door because they thought she had gotten
out on her own;)