Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ski time!

This "UTAH AIR" is killing me.
My mom took me to the doctor yesterday.
I have my 3rd sinus infection
since the beginning of February.
I am now on my 3rd round of antibiotics.
14 days of these stomach turners!
My mom is not very excited about this
because antibiotics make me bounce off the walls!!

My Uncle Spencer and Aunt Brittany
invited me to go skiing with them today.
Since this air in the valley is obviously effecting
me my mom picked me up a little early from school
today so I could play on the slopes with them!

I had a BLAST!
It was my first time and I was a natural pro!
We skipped the bunny hill entirely
and went straight to the chairs!
I was so brave
Uncle even let me go all alone on the easy parts;)

Here I am,
all ready to try out this thing they call skiing!

Aunt Brittany, Uncle Spencer, and me!

Its hard to see us but we are on the chair lift

~Me and Uncle~

Hi mom!

As you can see I am crying in this picture.
I did NOT want to be done skiing
but the slopes were closing.

Thanks Aunt and Uncle!
I had such a fun afternoon with you!
Please let my mommy know next time you
go and I will be dressed and ready to meet you;)

Love, Rylee Kate

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Easter in near...
This ONLY means one thing...
The Easter Bunny is now at the mall!

For Rylee,
going to the mall to see Mr. Bunny himself
is more exciting than seeing Santa!

I know this is a little strange.
She asks all year
if the Easter Bunny is around to visit.

Today was the day she finally met face to face
the Bunny himself!

So exciting!!!

Rylee and her friend Jayla went to see the bunny together.
Jayla wasn't much of a fan of the bunny.
Jayla's mommy said,
"If you won't sit on the Easter Bunny's lap then
you don't get bunny ears."
This didn't change poor Jayla's mind.
She was terrified of the bunny and sticking to it!

You can't go to the mall and not ride on
the carousel!

~Rylee and Bailey the Bunny~

Believe it or not,
Rylee and Bailey are quite good friends.
Bailey ACUTALLY likes to be "tortured"
and "carried" around the house.
Rylee tries to be gentle with her
but lets be honest...
how soft can a 3 year old really be?

Have a happy spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We have had a fun filled fantastic day!
We started with Lucky charms AND a pop tart,
Nutrition value= ZERO!

Rylee got a new shirt to wear,
she looked down and noticed that there were
shamrocks all over it, very exciting!
She then said...
"Mom, there is a bird on one of my rockshams;)"
After a quick breakfast we met
Sarah and Josh at the library for story time.

After story time we took the kids
to Granny Kate's office to take her lunch and a slurpee.
Since we were all dressed so festive we decided to take
a few pics;)

Sarah and Josh Man

Jessica threw a St. Patty's day lunch/party.
The kids were all dressed so cute and had
so much fun eating green food!

Green grilled cheese sandwiches...
look yummy?

Irelynn saying "cheese" after eating her green cupcake

Mommy and Rylee Roo

Rylee finally learned how to pump her legs!
We practiced all summer last year.
We even tried yesterday in the back yard.
Today, she mastered the skill!

The naughty little leprechaun left a pot of gold
for the kids to find.
They were all so excited for
gold wrapped chocolate and beautiful gold rings!

Bribes work well for all ages I guess because
somehow we managed to get all 10 kids
to line up for a picture!
Thanks Jess for the fun party!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*Hoppy Early Easter*

I decided that this year the Easter Bunny was going to
bring us a real bunny.
Today I was looking online at bunnies.
I realized that Easter is near and if we
we're going to get a baby bunny now is the time to buy.
I found a cute lady close by who told me she would
hold onto one of her bunnies until Easter if I would pay her now.
I drove to her house while Ry was at school today to drop off a check.
Once I laid eyes on this little hopper I fell in love.
So soft.
So cute.
So small!

Sarah was right.
She said...
I know when you get there you will just end up bringing
it home. Its like when dad goes car shopping. He usually comes home
that same day with a brand new car!
I said no way, I will wait!

Well I couldn't wait.
could you?

I also couldn't wait until Easter to introduce
Rylee and her new furry friend.

Ry is in

Hoppy early Easter!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

St. George

We left last week for a long weekend
in St. George.
It was a great trip!
perfect weather!
Awesome company...

Spencer, Brittany, Andrew, Sarah, and Josh

We were able to play outside Friday and Saturday!

Rylee and her Elephant kite

pool party;)


Not the warmest day for the pool but
these two kids didn't seem to mind

Grandpa took Ry to the store to
get a new toy.
She picked out a polly pocket pool.
This kept her attention for a few hours which made
me quite happy!


I hope we can all get together for another
fun weekend very soon!