Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little bit o' crack

(picture taken in May)

Rylee has a problem with showing off her cute little butt crack at times.
She is well aware.
Usually she realizes on her own and fixes the problem.
I'm not sure if she has an abnormally high butt crack
or if its because she's a skinny little lady.

Either way... it shows, and it shows often.

Today she realized on her own but was sitting in her
gooster (booster) seat.
She couldn't fix the problem at the moment and it was bugging.
First came a little whining.
Then squirming.
Next a little kicking of my seat,
and then a some yelling...
The yelling sounded something like this,
Funny little chick.
I had to giggle just a little.
Rylee is 3 now so laughing at her just isn't an option.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's official


Rylee is in heaven on school days
She seems to have grown up so
much in the past few weeks.
She has been crackin' me up lately too.
Here in just one example of the funny things this
lovely little lady comes up with...

We had to drop a check off at
my cousin Charlet's house.
While driving away Rylee asked...
Rylee: Mommy who's house was that?
Mommy: That was my cousins house. Her name is Charlet.
Rylee: (pondering this... and very seriously states) Mommy,
That was not your cousin Charlet's house because
Charlet is a spider and she has a pig.