Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I totally stole this fabulous photo
off my sisters blog.
I'm in
with it for so many reasons...

1. 4 beautiful sets of blue eyes
2. It includes three of Rylee's most favorite people in the world
3. It's not very often you get an awesome picture of two adorable kids
4. Shows off that I have such an adorable Grandma
5. My nephew is just the cutest little man EVER
6. Its just a GREAT pic...
Don't ya think??

Soon to be 5...

I allowed my soon to be 5 year old diva to get a hair extension today. You wouldn't believe how thrilled she is!!

Together again...

The 5 of us Walker "kids"were all
together over the weekend!
It was so fun to have dinner
and laugh together:)

We have such a hip 80 year old grandma!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

*Spring Break*

I realized last minute that my spring break was
last week! Since plane tickets were WAY too
expensive we decided to be brave and drive to see Nana.
We left last Saturday drove 8 hours and spent
the night in a hotel. Bright and early Sunday
morning we got back into the car and drove
the last 5 hours to NANA's house!!!

Sunday night Ryan, Ruth Ann, Jake, Grace, Jeff, & Emily
all came over to Nana's house for dinner!
It was so fun to see and play with cousins!!
Nana brought out the game twister after dinner.
The kids had a blast!

On St. Patty's day we went out to Samish Island.
Playing on the beach was SO much fun!!!

We played the "chocolate bar" a few times
this trip. This game was all new to Rylee.
Its a pretty funny game to play.
First you wrap a giant chocolate bar
in paper about 10 layers thick.
You get two oven mitts or gloves,
a hat, a scarf, and fork/knife.
Each player rolls two dice until someone rolls doubles.
Once you roll doubles you hurry and put on all the
accessories and start to try to "cut" open the paper.
It gets pretty intense!
Rylee LOVED the game so much she asked
to play it almost every night;)

We also had a tea party with Rylee and Claire.
First the girls came to our little beauty salon where
they got their hair, makeup, and nails done.
Next we decorated cute tea hats with
ribbon, flowers,and jewels.
Then we had the tea (hot cocoa) and snacks.
We finished off the party
with a treasure hunt!

We happened to have fabulous weather
so we packed up a picnic and went to Deception Pass!
We used to go out to this beach when I was little
and I haven't had the chance to visit in a long time!
We walked across this awesome bridge
then went down to the beach to play and eat!
The kids found a bunch of smaller sized drift wood and built
a pretty cool fort. Aunt Karen joined us on this outing
and brought my darling cousins Kailey, Seth, and Jordan!
Such a fun day!

On Tuesday we woke up early and drove all
the way back in one day.
We left around 6:30AM
and got home about 9:30Pm
Rylee was an ANGEL during the drive.
I don't think I heard her complain once...
expect about having to leave her Nana:(

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bubble gum bubble gum in a dish
how many pieces do you wish?



For some reason Rylee
is completely convinced that the number
replaces number eighteen.
I keep trying to correct her but
she continues to tell me im wrong.

Will she ever come to the realization that
eleventeen really isn't a number, or should
I make some phone calls to whoever
invented these things we
refer to as numbers and tell
them they have it all wrong??!