Friday, August 27, 2010

Dressed to go running- Just Like Nana;)

Rylee has been
me up lately.
The past couple days I have
listened closely and observed her
imaginary world a little more than usual.
She is such a good little mother to her dolls,
she is a very good pet owner to her animals,
She is VERY good at gymnastics and pretend yoga.
This morning Rylee came to me wearing this...


running clothes if it isn't completely obvious.
The best part about this ensemble is that
she says she looks just like Nana here;)
tight running pants
(footless tights that show off her
striped unties perfectly)
a running shirt
(TIGHT under shirt)
and "hiking shoes"
-I'm still not completely sure how this looks
like Nana but whatever-

"Mommy, I'm ALL ready for a run around the block.
Wanna come"?

"Wow Rylee... you look just like a runner
I'm still in my pj's and I don't have shoes on.
Can I sit on the grass, watch, and cheer for you"?

Since Rylee is a normal girl and loves to be
praised, cheering on the grass sounded perfect!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am
Rylee had her 1st soccer
game last night and did
a GREAT job!

There team name changed
from the
purple cats
to the
purple princesses
to the
purple dogs
and finally settled on the
purple dolphins

As you can see from these pictures
Rylee scored a goal...
and was extremely proud of herself.
Look at that big grin in the last pic;)
The coach said
"If one of you score in OUR goal this time
then I will do a cartwheel"
That simple statement is ALL that needed to be said.
Rylee was determined!

Way to go Rylee!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Out with the "small"

Rylee had started to outgrow
her toddler bed.
Lately she's been requesting to
this cute little bed
so she can buy a big bed!

wish granted

over the weekend
and we went shopping for cute bedding today.
I couldn't resist the owl bedding
when I found this adorable owl pillow!
I have a couple more pictures to hang
but I think its starting to look pretty cute!

First day of school

I can't believe how big Rylee is getting!
She is such a fun little girl to have around.
Today was her first day of
her 2nd year of preschool.

Rylee had a great day!
After school was over
she was telling me about her class
and all about the new friends she made.
She was sure to explain they were ALL girls
because the boys are gross and she
doesn't want to be friends with them.
I didn't correct her on this assumption.
She can think boys are gross for as
long as her little heart desires!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sadly summer must come to an end

I can't believe Rylee already
starts school next week!
We went to her preschool
orientation this morning.
She met her new teacher and a new
group of friends.
Although Rylee was VERY disappointed about
the fact she wouldn't get the same teacher
from last year she was
pleasantly surprised with her new one.

(Don't mind the blue Gatorade stained lips)
This year Rylee wanted to get a NEWCASTLE school bag.
She was very excited about this.
~I guess it's the little things~

Before we were even home Rylee had her name
written on her bag. I was a little upset at first
when I realized she had
ALREADY written on the new bag and she
wrote in the wrong place!
I guess I need to calm down because she was
so impressed with the fact that she was able to do it
At least she spelled it right;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today I have been

A Plumber
A Nurse
A Student
A Mother
A daughter
A Friend
A sister
A cook
A chauffeur

It's been a long day to say the least.
My toilet broke before my final this morning.
Dad normally would help with this crisis but he
just had prostate surgery
and I'm his nurse.
I made it my personal responsibility to
diagnose the problem and attempt to be a plumber today.
Yes, I put my hand down the back of the toilet
and applied a new flapper.
I also finished my first semester
of college today.
Its been a very rewarding and a very tiring day.
I'm so glad it's over;)