Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I booked tickets last night to go to Nana's house and for some odd reason decided to tell Rylee about it. I now have 17 days of complete misery. We made a paper chain today. I was explaining to her that when we were done pulling off the papers day by day it would be time to go to Nana's house. Obviously she didn't understand. When we finished putting it together she said "OK mama lets go to Nana's house now!" Here is Rylee showing off her "Nana Chain" in anticipation of leaving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fabulous Fire Station Field Trip!

Yesterday my best "guy" friend and I took Rylee to the fire station where his brother works for a tour. She was SO excited. I told her about our plans Saturday night and when she woke up Sunday morning the first thing she said was "HOOORRRAAAY today we see FIRE TRUCK" The fire men were all SO nice to her and it helps that they are ALL totally cute! They spent about an hour showing her all around the station. They even called dispatch and sent out an alarm to the station welcoming Rylee! She had a great time and loved all the souvenirs they sent her home with!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So... As you can see Rylee is wearing "big girl" panties. She LOVES picking them out in the morning and showing them off throughout the day. Last week was a great success and I was actually telling people how easy it was. I know... FIRST HUGE MISTAKE! I take it back, ALL OF IT. I'm totally sick of it. I refuse to clean them so I have thrown away 2 pair today. Yes 2 pair! There not cheap... like 4 bucks for the cute ones. HELP PLEASE! Diapers again or keep with it and stay calm? Any great ideas or tricks? Thanks much