Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bye bye training wheels

Rylee likes to accomplish
huge milestones on Halloween
Two years ago she decided it was
time to ditch the diapers on Halloween
and this year training wheels
had to go.

She's been practicing this skill at
her dad's house for a few weeks
and has asked me to
take off her training wheels
ever since.
I must admit I haven't been ready for this
so I've been putting it off.
Today was the day
she's been practicing

I can't believe how good she is doing.
She feels like such a big girl!
This is something she will remember forever!
Good Job


This year Rylee was a
for Halloween

As you can see...
worked the camera for me

She got to do lots of fun things!
Halloween party at school,
another party with friends,
pumpkin carving party with family,
Trick-or-treating at the mall,
Pumpkin Patch,
build a bear...

Ry's costume was
by all who saw her ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Slurpee Time

I'm pretty sure this was Joshies
1st slurpee

I'm positive he loved it;)

Taking care of Joshie

We get to take care of Josh this week
while Andrew & Sarah go on
a nice relaxing cruise.
Andrew and Sarah have never left Joshie before.
Joshie is in great hands here!
Rylee is helping take care of Josh.
She loves him so much.

Rylee wanted to read Josh a bedtime story last night.
She picked out
-Lily's Purple Plastic Purse-
Surprisingly Josh actually listened to her girlie story.
She told the story very well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin time!

We went to the pumpkin patch
today with Sarah and Josh!


Rylee and Josh had so much fun walking
through the "corn maze"
Rylee was tall enough to see exactly where to go
so she pulled Josh right along beside her.
He thought that was so much fun;)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sleep tight

Each night I tuck you into bed
I brush my hand across your head
and in each tiny little fist
I place a magic mommy kiss.

Full of love and hope so bright
To keep you safely through the night,
Mommy kisses in your hand
To guide you off to slumberland.

If you should dream of monsters mean
Or witches with faces masked in green,
Of snakes that squeeze you oh-so-tight
Or darkness with no sign of light..

When nightmares hold you stiff with fear
A part of mommy still is near.
Just open up your hand and blow
One mommy kiss and nightmares go.

Rylee's been missing her Nana
a lot lately. She has a photo album
that Nana made for her 3rd birthday.
Inside there are pictures of everything
inside Nana's house that Rylee likes.
She fell asleep with the album tonight.
I think we need to make a visit soon!


Rylee's Pretty blue eyes
noticed some fancy sprinkles
today grocery shopping...

... And if a little girl
sees sprinkles...

She's going to ask to make cupcakes!!!

Haunted House

There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside,

(Brooklyn & Rylee)
For that is where the witches live,

Where ghosts and goblins hide.
Tonight they have their party,

(Sofie & Quin)
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.

But we do not want to go there,
So we run with all our might
And oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.
We went to our neighbors house tonight
to make these darling little houses.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanksgiving point farm

Tonight we were headed
to Thanksgiving point
for some cornbelly halloween fun.
We arrived to an empty parking lot
realizing that it doesn't start until Friday.
Since the kids were excited to do
something festive and outside
we decided to walk over
to the farm instead.

Josh and Rylee got to go
on 2 horse rides.

...We love Halloween...

The kids finished off the night
chasing each other across the farm
only stopping to take a peek & pet
the fun farm animals!
As always, the horses were a
huge hit for Rylee.
Thanks for the fab night Fullmer fam!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lake Mary

Ry and I needed to get out of
the house today.
It was BEAUTIFUL outside.
We packed a lunch,
tied our shoes,
filled up the camel packs,
and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon

The leaves are just
starting to change so
the scenery was amazing.
Rylee could have cared less about
how pretty it was...
She was busy climbing
on EVERY single rock she could find.

I love how you couldn't possible
squeeze ANY more girl into her
little body but she also
loves to scale the side of
boulders and climb trees.