Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Friends

Mommy you are my best friend
and I am your best friend.
That's because I love you
you love me...

I hope Rylee always feels like this!
This is how I feel with my mom
and I always will...
because it's the BEST way to feel!

This statement just came out of Ryee's mouth.
I couldn't turn on my laptop,
connect to the internet, open blogger,
and click on new post fast enough.
I want to remember this fabulous quote
from a fabulous little lady

Monday, July 27, 2009

Purpleicious beta fish

So our blue fish "tried" to commit suicide last week.
He succeeded
I am completely disgusted by fish
held captive in a bowl so
sadly when I saw the fish
around our counter top I
him complete his mission of death.

I was so overwhelmed with the idea
of picking up a dead, gray, lifeless beta
that I asked Sarah to come over and
beta to his resting spot.

(Sarah is watching me write this post,
she JUST informed me that she
didn't flush beta. She put him in our kitchen
garbage can. I just threw up a little.)

Here is our NEW beta.
She is purple.
Obviously we picked purple
because that is Grandma Great's

She has treated us well this past week.
She was a good pick from white trash walmart;)

Also, Rylees funny word of the week is

It KILLS me every time she says it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nana here we come!

We FINALLY found a last minute
to fly NORTH for a WEEK!


We arrive VERY early on August 6th
and depart:( late on the 12th!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flaunt those flippers girl

Have you ever watched a 3 year old
try to walk with flippers on her
~ feet ~
and goggles on her

For those of you who haven't
Now you have!

Feel free to laugh.
I do.

These pictures do no real justice for
how hilarious it really is to witness...

...just try to imagine;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Results to follow...

The outcome from last weeks experience with
the lovely and lively Primary Children's was option
That is the one we were hoping for!
She is doing great and almost
completely better!
Thanks for all your thoughts!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Primary Children's is expecting you"

Those were the words I EXPECTED to hear today
from Rylee's pediatrician...
but not the words I WANTED to hear.

Rylee got a sliver during her trip in lake Powell
last week.

Yes, just a sliver.
A harmless sliver.

Nothing is harmless for this kid.
The sliver wasn't removed until returned home
to me and somehow turned into an infection.

The infection turned into what looks like
Yes, we seem to be bothered by the SUPER BUG
once again.

We were greeted by the staff at Primary Children's
this lovely morning.
The doctors discussed what to do with Miss,
and where to begin.
Rylee was already put on 2 different STRONG antibiotics
yesterday afternoon to try and prevent us from
any kind of bacteria from the lake water... or MRSA.
They started with an ultrasound on Rylee's foot
to assure them that there wasn't still any remains
of that darn sliver still in her foot.

CONFIRMED... I got it all;)

Next step was to cut and drain the abscess.
I was "honored" to "get" to hold Rylee
down once again and watch her
go through misery.


The nurse had a great reward.
A cherry Popsicle.
That red delight worked its magic!

They decided to send us back home for the waiting game.
Here are the many outcomes we could endure.

1: Antibiotics start to do there thang and Miss starts feeling better
(that's the one I'm hoping for)
2: The infection gets worse over the next few hours and
we return back to P.C.
(thumbs down)
3: Test comes back to confirm MRSA and we head back
up for at least 24 hours with an IV.
(double thumbs down)

Lets all hope for Rylee's sake,
and here moms emotional state,
That Rylee will get to stay HOME for the 4th of JULY!