Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg hunt

Easter was celebrated a day late around
our place this year.
Dad and Kathryn make the egg hunt
so exciting that no one wants to miss out...
So Monday seemed to work better for everyone.

Brittany, Kathryn, Sarah, Me

In order to spice up the holiday a little...
the parentals fill plastic eggs with money...
instead of candy.
Money is a lot more appealing these adults;)


Aunt Brit and Uncle Spenc

Josh decided this year that watching from afar
was more enjoyable than running around
with the crazy adults for a egg filled with money.
I think if he had known some of the eggs hid skittles
his priorities would have shifted;)


Grandpa Walker and Granny Kate

The hunt was a success once again!
Thanks Gramps and Gran for a fun evening!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 years and FABULOUS

I can't believe my Beautiful baby girl turned
FIVE today! Its crazy how fast time goes by!
Rylee is the absolute love of my life!
She is my best friend.

Rylee had an awesome and busy 5th birthday
She started off the morning opening
some presents!
She got a few books, puzzles,
clothes, and best of all rollerblades!!

After presents we met Sarah and Josh
for a little McDonalds lunch!
Josh decided it was very necessary to celebrate
with milkshakes;)

After lunch Rylee got to hang out with Grandpa
while I went to class for a test.
They visited Granny Kate's office to say
a quick hello!

After my test I picked Rylee up and we went to
the mall for a little shopping and build a bear!
Rylee picked out a really cute dog.
She named her cupcake.
Rylee and Cupcake have the same
birthday... which she thinks is very cool.

While at the mall we went into gap Kids to so Rylee could
pick out a few new outfits.
A new favorite thing to do is try clothes on in the dressing room.
Rylee has been counting down the days to be 5.
I finally realized one of the many reasons
being 5 is so cool.
As Rylee looked into the mirror in a flashy new outfit
she smiled wide and wiggled a tooth.
I asked her what she was doing.
She responded:
Mom... I start losing teeth now that I'm FIVE!

While we were at the mall we also visited
Mr. Easter Bunny!!

Rylee got a CD player with a microphone from
Grandpa and Granny.
I have to admit something...
Rylee has Bieber fever.
Its hilarious to watch her sing into her mic.
She carries a nice little tune...
and gives her "fans" high fives as she walks around the room;)

We finished off the evening at
Chili's with Grandpa and Granny.
Rylee ordered her favorite... pizza.
After dinner we met Sarah, Andrew, Josh
and our friends Lynsey and Addison at the movie theater.
We saw the movie Rio!

I hope you had a fantastic fifth birthday Rylee!
I sure do love you babe!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Manners Please

It's been a struggle to get Ry dressed in her pj's lately after her nightly shower. She rolls around on the ground because shes SOOOO freezing(whining voice). Instead of asking her over and over to please get dressed I recently have given up. She can lay and roll all over... and I will just continue cleaning up or reading a magazine. Rylee knows that if she would like my help its no funny business. She gets dried off quickly and I will assist with lotion and pj's.

Last night Rylee was on the ball. She got out of the shower all by herself, dried off, and said: Mommy, Can you please help me get dressed? Rylee has been working VERY hard on using her nicest manners lately. Of course I jumped all over her nice manners and efficientness(aware that's not a word, but it just fit). While getting her dressed I said said: You know Rylee, adults love it when kids are polite and use their best manners! I'm very proud of you! Rylee replied: I know mom! Thats why I use them all the time! Mom, Thank you for taking me to library story time tomorrow, I really appreciate it! Mom, I also want to tell you I think you're a babe;)

I think that's the hardest I have ever had to try to not crack a smile and burst into laughing. She is the funniest little girl! What mom doesn't want to be called a babe?? I sure do!

Thanks Rylee,

you made my night girl!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Rylee has been very into practicing writing her letters and numbers lately(Especially number 5). She helps me write our grocery lists, spells ALL our family members names, writes in note cards and birthday cards. Recently we were making our way to Costco to pick up a few items. She was in the backseat writing the alphabet. Usually Rylee practices making words so this was probably the first time she had gone in order from A-Z.

I could hear her start with A.
Then moved onto B...
Asking only so often for me to draw
the letter she was stuck on in the air with
my pointer finger.
I heard


"Mom, How do I write elem?"
"Elem?" I ask.
"Yes, you know
I'm sure Rylee isn't the first kid to be confused
by this part of the "song"
I tried my hardest to explain
but in her mind I was seriously WRONG.
I'm trying to convince her of something that's
the complete opposite of all shes ever known!
Such a funny little experience that I definitely didn't see comin:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

JaNee and Mike's Big Day!

One of my best girlfriends got married last week!
Rylee and I got to be apart of this special day:)
This pic is all my close girlfriends after the ceremony

~JaNee was such a beautiful bride~

Rylee was an awesome flower girl!
She took her job very serious.
::She did perfect::