Thursday, June 23, 2011


Not much better on a hot Summer day then:
Blue Icee

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jolleys Gymnastic tumbling

Ry is quite the tumbling queen these days.
I can often find her in the basement
practicing her skills.
She does cartwheels everywhere we go.
She would rather do them then walk.

Recently Rylee was in a gymnastics performance.
She did a FABULOUS job!
Her class had been practicing very hard
getting ready for the big day.
Rylee goes to gymnastics class twice
a week for an hour each day.

pre show grin

Rylee is the 5th chic in from the right

This is a picture of Ry doing a
one handed cartwheel.
Rylee also showed her skills including:
Front walkover
Back walkover
Rylee also started working on her
back handspring
and round-off back handspring

Stretching out

End of show pic

Andrew, Sarah, and Josh came to watch!
Josh was excited to give Rylee
her flower at the end of the show:)

Do your ears hang low

I am in
with this girl.

Today we were driving to go grocery shopping;
Rylee started singing one of her
songs she learned at preschool.

Some of the songs she sings are new to me
(and often made up)
however, today I was well aware

"Do your ears hang low
do the wobble to and fro
can you tie them in a know
can you tie them in a bow
can you throw them o'er your shoulder
like a cotton noodle soldier
do your ears hang low"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Preschool Grad

Rylee's end of the year school program was today.
She did a fabulous job singing along with friends
from her class.
They sang a lot of songs but my favorites were
On top of spaghetti and yakety yak.
The kids were all so cute and put on a great show!

At the end of the program they had a small
graduation ceremony.
Rylee has successfully graduated
from two years of preschool:)

Rylee had a really fun and energetic teacher this year.
Rylee and Miss. Carli became pals.

Mommy, Grandpa, Granny Kate, and Daddy
all watched the cute performance and posed
with Rylee and her certificate.

Way to go Rylee Roo!