Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An entertaining evening of T-Ball

Tonight was Rylee's first game of T-ball!
She has been talking about this night for weeks,
practicing for days, &
was SO excited to get dressed in her uniform today.

She kept talking about how
CUTE she looked with "bows" on her shirt.
I had to agree with her...
She was looking like a million bucks!

We get to the field for practice before the game and
Rylee was ecstatic. She was beaming!
Life could NOT get any better for my tomboy

Even better when she remembered
was on her team!

Rylee's first hit went great and she
ran to all the bases perfectly.
She was having a blast
It came time to trek to the outfield.

This was not part of practice.
She didn't know what to expect.
All the kids darted for the ball that had
just been hit by the opposing team and Rylee
felt extremely left out.
She didn't understand the concept of this.
Rylee had been "trained" to catch the ball,
and that is exactly what she wanted to do.

Grandpa came to the rescue thankfully and took
Rylee aside from the game and threw a
couple balls to her. She felt much better!

Rylee decided to go back and finished the game
One of her coaches even
helped her catch a grounder!

I wish I could have CAPTURED the smile on her face!


Pictures ended the night.
Apparently Rylee wasn't in the mood.
This will be great for her to look back on when
she gets older.

Way to go Rylee! It was yet another
entertaining event for mommy and
I'm glad you had fun!
You told me tonight it was the favorite part of the
day and you can't wait for the next game
We will see how you feel when the time comes ;)

Swimming lessons

Rylee has been in swimming lessons
for a little over a year now.
She has gotten to be
quite the little swimmer! Today she had
an extra long lesson and she was doing a
great job so I decided to snap a few shots!

*Rylee LOVES to SWIM*

Practicing a stream line

The diving board is Rylee's favorite part her lessons!

Today Rylee swam all the way to the side of the pool
after jumping off the diving board!

*That's a LONG way for a little lady*

Practicing her diving

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bringing SEXY back...

... thats right...
We're bringing

back and were
starting with our


Ry was away all week with her Dad
at Lake Powell.
What does a sad kid-less mom
do for a week to try to keep her mind off being
lonely and depressed?

She goes to Lava Hot Springs, ID
with her FUN, WILD, and AWESOME

We floated the river, Went to the HOT springs,
the pool, the campfire, the outdoor cookin...

These stylish shoes were a
in the fish and snake filled brown flowing river.
A friend of mind was kind enough to let me borrow his
amazingly POSH guppy shoes;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A weekend of CAMPING!

We were invited to go camping with the lovely
for the weekend.

Coming from a family who enjoys
cruise ships & Marriott
this camping trip was a FIRST for
Me and Miss.
(i have gone with the Frames before, but never with Ry)

I must admit this was no 5 star hotel
it was a heated trailer with
power, showers, warm water, toilet,
cozy beds... you get it.

If Jessica would have told me about the
newly hatched grass hoppers that ruled our camping
turf I think I would have gratefully declined her
offer, but she was "clueless" about this fact.
Upon arrival and opening the car door to fund
who greeted our capris and flip flops.
It took me a few minutes to step out of the car
and bravely conquer these nasty creatures
I had to be brave around shorty since I have already
terrified her of worms:)
I only screamed softly a couple times.
I unbuckled the Diva and held her hand across the
grass when she realized there were jumping bugs
She insisted that I pick her up and hold her tight.
(were such girly girls... sad)
Once she was finally comfortable to get down she would say
"excuse me little grass hoppers"
I laughed a little.

Rylee and her other half, Aspen love to
just as "sisters" should.
This trip was free of most torture because the
outdoors has no room for ATTITUDE:)
They had a great time together
which means...
We all had a great time together!

Aspen's 4 wheeler that the girls played on


2 very cute girls
sharing one very tiny chair

Whats camping without a mouth
and a fist
FULL of Jerkey??

Stylin' Ry ready for a long Saturday ride!

(Ry, Mommy, Jessica, Irelynn, and Elle)

We packed lunch and headed out Saturday
for a long wheelin ride!
It was a BLAST for everyone!
The weather sucked as you can see by our
clothing but the company was great and the
scenery reminded me of home.
~Mt. Vernon, WA~

One stop was along a creek.
Miss and I brought our handy, dandy,
and you better believe we
stomped around in them throwing pine cones, rocks, flowers,
leaves, branches... pretty much anything we could find
that might float down some fast moving water!

Ry and her mommy

some slept...
Aspen slept due to a short night sleep, and a
relaxing ride.

...some played...

... and played...

... when Aspen awoke, we played some more!

the water was Freezing, but
KIDS didn't seem to mind.

Exhausted Ry finally fell asleep with a bouquet of
hand picked
The trip was a success
and if were ever invited again we will gladly
tag along!
Thanks for the fun trip
and a warm trailer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Disney, Tears, and Popcorn

I wonder if there will be a day when


will be able to make it through an


Disney movie

without crying!

We might need to take a little break
and go back to our bilingual friend Dora
for a while:)

(I don't remember Disney being so sad when I was a kid)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles & more Bubbles

St. George
seem to be quite the hit this
for the
walker girls.

We have been down South a lot so far this summer.
How could we resist with a
back yard like this,
a pool to ourselves,
a VERY happy Diva,
greasy In-N-Out, and
the WEATHER... OH the Weather.


Miss LOVES her bubbles

Life is like a bowl of Lucky Charms...

... When you're 3

I wish I could hand pick the good parts:)

~I must say, I was a bit JEALOUS of that bite~