Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day!

Wow! What a great day it's been! We started early because Rylee was leaving at 1:00 to spend the rest of the week with her dad. Rylee was spoiled as usual! She made a special wreath this year at school that she was extra excited about giving me! We spent the morning setting up her new Lego sets and dressing her American Girl dolls. After she left cousins came over and I got to hold my newest Niece Laura for quite awhile. She's at the age where talking, cooing, and smiling are her newest tricks. I had so much fun interacting with her. She is such a sweet little girl:) Spencer cooked a buffet dinner for everyone. It's so fun having Nana and Courtney here this year to spend the Holidays with us.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was action packed this year! A snow storm decided to hit right as we were supposed to pick Nana up from the airport! Luckily we made it and got home just in time for our family program and dinner. Uncle spencer conducted the program, and came dressed for his part:) Grandma great stuck with tradition and read the little match girl. Dinner started with a new tradition... Poppers! We all got a trinket and paper crown! After dinner we opened cousin presents and Rylee and Grace were THRILLED with their horse Legos! Rylee received a very special gift just before bed. I sent my old American Girl doll Samantha in to the doll hospital and had her all fixed up for Rylee. She loved that she's the proud new owner of my cherished doll as a kid:)

Christmas party

Aunt Taunya had her annual Christmas party over the weekend! It was quite a success! There were twenty cousins that came and most were under 9! We all had a great time and a special guest made a surprise appearance with gifts for everyone!


Rylee had her first piano recital Saturday. She did a perfect job! Rylee played twinkle, twinkle little star and jingle bells. She had both her sets of grandparents, her dad, stepmom, and little brother there to watch her play!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Polar express

We took a ride on the polar express this morning! It was aunt Sarah's idea and it was sure a good one! Grandpa and Granny Kate came alone as well which made it an extra special time! There was hot cocoa, cookies, dancing, singing, and best of all Mr. & Mrs. Clause! Santa handed out special bells from his reindeer and Mrs. Clause gave us her delicious cookie recipe. Rylee volunteered for every song, dance, and talent the elves asked for! She's not a shy girl:) I think we may have started a new family holiday tradition this year!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

This years gingerbread houses turned out great! I think 6 is the perfect age to create a darling little house. These toothless little school friends took their sweet time making their houses as perfect as possible! Josh man did a pretty good job himself, making sure to sample some tasty treats... And some not so tasty icing! Sweet Ava tested the licorice for us... Making sure it was delicious!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet dreams

This is what happens when a very tired grandpa 
lays down next to a very tired Rylee. 

Two of my most favorite people catchin a few ZZZZ's:)

Better late...

Halloween has come and gone... 
But I have pictures to prove we had a blast! 
Ry started off the month being Wonder Woman
and ended being the cutest little kitty cat ever!


We copied Sarah and created our very own 'thankful' tree. Each day we have fun adding to it, coming up with creative things we're thankful for! I'm pretty thankful for my sweet talented little girl:)


This lil monkey keeps missing more and more teeth! Last week she lost 2! Perfect timing... All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth:) She sure is keeping the tooth fairy busy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Rylee started piano lessons today! She's wanted to start the past couple of years and today was her day;) She did a great job at lessons and wanted to come straight home to practice. I know those days will soon end so I have to capture a photo while she still has a smile on her face.

 Rylee also learned how to call my cell phone from the house phone today. I had a girls dinner scheduled tonight so Rylee had the option to:
1: come with me and listen to us ladies chat all evening
2: Sit on the couch in her pjs and watch a movie. 
(with Grandpa and Granny's supervision of course)

Obviously she chose a movie!
So, before I left we practiced dialing my number just in case she felt it necessary to give me a jingle. Just as I suspected, Rylee found a reason to call. Our conversation went a little like this...
Rylee- "Hi mom!'
Mom- "Hey Ry whats up?"
Rylee- "Just wondering when you're gonna be home."
Mom- "I'm leaving the restaurant in 10 minutes so I'll be home in 20."
Rylee- "Ok.... (long pause) Hey mom... where did you go out for dinner?"  
Mom- "Brio at fashion place mall."
Rylee- "OOH I love that place. Mom, do you think you could grab me 6 mints on your way out the door? I LOVE THEIR MINTS!"
Funny little lady

Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is a poem I ran across that my beautiful mom wrote for me two years ago

We are mother and daughter
We are girl friends divine
'Retail Therapy' buddies
The are of shopping we've refined!

Popcorn and See's candy
Talking into the night
Hair cuts, errands, and projects
Clearance rack, thrift shops- all right!

We still snuggle at bedtime
Now 3 in one space
You, Me, and Miss Rylee
A big grin on her face...

Twenty-five years ago now,
You came along in the fall
Straight from Heaven to my arms
Cute birthmark and all

As the years have gone by
Our attachment's still there
Love and laughter abounding
Kindness, goodness, tender care

'You are my sunshine' was the favorite
When I sung you to sleep
I can still picture your face
A memory I treasure to keep

When I count all my blessings
I thank God and declare
My grattitude for you
And the love that we share

Who knows what's before us
Life's uncertain, seems unfair
But, no matter what happens
I will always be there

Love, MOM

Sunday chefs

Nana sent us matching aprons for my birthday this year! Rylee and I thought it would be fun to cook while feeling supper stylish! Last minute we invited the Fullmers to join us for zucchini lasagna and French bread! Rylee pulled out her crafty side and decorated a special name tag for each of our guests:)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Slumber party

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday weekend

I had such a fun birthday weekend, spent with some of my favorite people! 
Friday night Dad, Kathryn, Rylee, Sarah, Andrew, Josh, Ava, Spencer, Brit, & Ella took me out to dinner at Brio then back to our house for a yummy Nothing Bundt Cake! The night couldn't have been better!

Rylee was so excited to surprise me with her very own present this year. She had told grandpa a few days before my party that she was going to preform an 'at home' spa treatment on me for my big day! YAHOO!!!
She received a spa book from her birthday that gave her instructions on how to paint nails, give a facial, and deep condition my hair. Although grandpa thought it was a fabulous idea, he asked Rylee if she would like to get me a real spa package at a real spa. Of course Ry thought that sounded like a fabulous idea! 

On Saturday, my actual birthday, my close girlfriends took me out to lunch and a street fair on 9th & 9th. It was a perfect way to celebrate my 27th birthday.
At the street fair Rylee decided we should both make a birthday wish!