Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My life be like...

My valentines. Pretty good lookin bunch if I say so myself;)

I'm one lucky girl.


Have a happy day

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loose tooth madness

The past couple of weeks Rylee's first loose tooth has been endlessly on her mind.

Shes been patiently awaiting the day when her tooth would no longer be inside her mouth.
Yesterday was the day.

Her tooth was more loose than ever... and more painful then she had anticipated. Rylee had a playdate scheduled after school but sadly she decided to cancel her plans in fear that her tooth would hurt too bad. She sat on the couch most of the afternoon pushing along the backside of her tooth with her tongue. Around dinner time her tooth was so wiggly it was hanging by its last thred.

Dinner was on the table when the emotional rollercoaster began. Rylee had bit down wrong on her tooth and blood appeared. Her tooth was sticking out sideways, clearly causing pain. Rylee wouldn't let anyone assist her in pulling it out. After many pep talks Rylee decided that Granny Kate could "deliver" her tooth when she got home from work. So, when Granny walked in the door from her long day away she washed her hands, grapped a papertowel for leverage, and yanked that baby tooth right out!

After about 10 minutes of constant crying Rylee decided she would first go to the mirror and see her new look, then admire the tooth.

Now, in my opinion the best part about loosing a tooth is the tooth fairy. For Rylee shes not ready to part with her new treasure. She's planning to keep the tooth.