Sunday, December 7, 2008

We made it!

Well... We are finally here! Rylee made it the whole 17 days with the paper chain. She only took two off in the same day once. I honestly think my smarty pants thought it would speed up the process to getting to see her Nana faster! Rylee is in Heaven! Nana (a.k.a. sucker) Will let my little monster do absolutely ANYTHING she wants and I'm beginning to think Rylee is completely aware of this. I don't think that very much damage can be done in the whole 6 days were here so I have made a conscious decision to "let" Nana spoil her. I say "let" because my say gets vetoed anyway. This picture is of Little Miss playing with the pet rodent. Later that vermin bit my angel but that's a whole story in and of itself. Like I said... I have no say what goes on while here. Rylee has a blast and I can sit back and relax. (I have no problem doing that) I thought about getting offended that my daughter wants NOTHING to do with me when her Nana is around but after just one second I realized... THIS IS HEAVEN! I have a happy, fed, clean(sometimes), entertained kid, and I do none of the work. This is the life!
Thanks mom