Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An entertaining evening of T-Ball

Tonight was Rylee's first game of T-ball!
She has been talking about this night for weeks,
practicing for days, &
was SO excited to get dressed in her uniform today.

She kept talking about how
CUTE she looked with "bows" on her shirt.
I had to agree with her...
She was looking like a million bucks!

We get to the field for practice before the game and
Rylee was ecstatic. She was beaming!
Life could NOT get any better for my tomboy

Even better when she remembered
was on her team!

Rylee's first hit went great and she
ran to all the bases perfectly.
She was having a blast
It came time to trek to the outfield.

This was not part of practice.
She didn't know what to expect.
All the kids darted for the ball that had
just been hit by the opposing team and Rylee
felt extremely left out.
She didn't understand the concept of this.
Rylee had been "trained" to catch the ball,
and that is exactly what she wanted to do.

Grandpa came to the rescue thankfully and took
Rylee aside from the game and threw a
couple balls to her. She felt much better!

Rylee decided to go back and finished the game
One of her coaches even
helped her catch a grounder!

I wish I could have CAPTURED the smile on her face!


Pictures ended the night.
Apparently Rylee wasn't in the mood.
This will be great for her to look back on when
she gets older.

Way to go Rylee! It was yet another
entertaining event for mommy and
I'm glad you had fun!
You told me tonight it was the favorite part of the
day and you can't wait for the next game
We will see how you feel when the time comes ;)