Monday, August 24, 2009

Our fabulous trip to visit Nana..

...and everyone else of course!
We had such a great time up in Washington!
Nana and Grandpa took us to Leavenworth for
most of our trip.
We went over when Ry was just a few months old
but haven't been able to get back
until this trip.

Ry would totally survive life in Mt. Vernon.
She loves the rain and gungellas

Our first night in Leavenworth we went to the 59'r diner.
Its a fun, tasty, and very entertaining restaurant!

2 foxy grandparents!

stylin' Ry

Yes, we got to play at the beach!
Nana, mommy, and Ry
made a Washington beach sandcastle.
For those of you who have been to a Washington beach,
you know this is not an easy task!

Rylee and her Nana

We went to an orchard.
At the orchard the kids went on a cow ride;)

We also played at the pool. Aunt Melissa, Uncle Guy,
and the kids came to play with us in Eastern WA for the
last couple days of our trip.
They are so much fun!

Me and my twin... aka mom

Ry and Nana with bubblegum ice cream.
Why do kids like that flavor?
Nana was the lucky gal who "got" to help
Ry with the pink poison!

We stayed at a cabin in Leavenworth.
It sits on this beautiful creak.

This is the view!

Kids went fishing.
Parker caught dinner!

Sadly the fish died so we couldn't put it back.
Ry was so curious and asked to hold the dead fish.
Who's kid is she?

Thanks for the fun trip mom! We had a lot fun and it
was great spending so much time with you!