Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We miss Nana

We had a fantastic time visiting
NANA last week!
She had a lot of fun things planned for almost everyday
that we were in town.

We went/did...
girls lunch with 5 of moms sisters,
went to see some pretty cute Christmas trees,
(picture below)
we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner
with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents,
murder mystery dinner,
mezula play that cousins were in...

(Aunt Karen, Mom, Cousin Amy, Me, Aunt Melissa)

We were in town for 9 days...
felt like 4 days...
and could have stayed at lease another week.

This time Rylee did better about leaving.
She only cried for 45 minutes at the airport.
Ry sure loves her Nana and has the hardest time leaving
her FULL TIME playmate.
They are best buds!
Thanks Nana for a fun trip!