Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Elf Jack

This is our elf
He is new to our family.
He showed up this morning
with a book all about what his job is
here at our house.

Jack was sent to our house straight from
Santa at the North Pole.
The book that he brought with him
explains that he is here all day
and at night he goes back to Santa
to report on how Rylee has behaved during the day.
He comes back every morning but he's
sneaky and is in a different spot each time.
He can't talk to us but he hears all we tell
him and he is sure to tell Santa everything.
Rylee has been talking to Jack all day.
She has been asking him if he misses Santa
and Rudolph. She has told Jack
special messages for him to deliver to Santa tonight.
There is one rule about Jack...
You can't touch him or he will lose all his magic.

We registered Jack tonight online.
We had to think of a name and
tell Mrs. Clause we chose Jack so she could
record it in her special registry elf book.
Above is Jack's adoption form.
It says~
On the 16th day of December 2010
The Walker family adopted their elf
Signed & approved by Santa Clause himself

We also received a special note from Santa.
It says~
Thank you for taking the time to register your elf with
me here at the North Pole. Jack loves his new family.

In fact, Mrs. Clause had a huge smile on her face as she entered Jack's name in the big Elf Registry book she keeps. I'm looking forward to hearing all about you and the rest of the Walker family every evening during the holiday season. Be careful to be on your best behavior. that way, I'll be sure to get lots of good reports.

Don't forget: Every morning your North Pole scout elf will be hiding in a new place. Have fun looking for your special elf friend, and remember Jack is doing a very important job for me.

I am so glad you and your family have decided to join us in the holiday tradition by adopting one of my best helpers. I look forward to visiting you in Sandy, UT on Christmas Eve.
See you soon, Santa Clause