Monday, June 13, 2011

Jolleys Gymnastic tumbling

Ry is quite the tumbling queen these days.
I can often find her in the basement
practicing her skills.
She does cartwheels everywhere we go.
She would rather do them then walk.

Recently Rylee was in a gymnastics performance.
She did a FABULOUS job!
Her class had been practicing very hard
getting ready for the big day.
Rylee goes to gymnastics class twice
a week for an hour each day.

pre show grin

Rylee is the 5th chic in from the right

This is a picture of Ry doing a
one handed cartwheel.
Rylee also showed her skills including:
Front walkover
Back walkover
Rylee also started working on her
back handspring
and round-off back handspring

Stretching out

End of show pic

Andrew, Sarah, and Josh came to watch!
Josh was excited to give Rylee
her flower at the end of the show:)