Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pony Camp

Three cute cousins got to experience something
most kids dream about at night.
Rylee, Grace, and Jordan were lucky enough
to spend 4 fabulous days at pony camp together last week.
I came up with the idea of putting Rylee in
pony camp on our forever long drive to WA.
I decided to search online and found out that
there was a 4 day camp going on that matched the
dates we were visiting.
I decided to sign Rylee up and spread the word!

(My Grandma Walker used to bring me here when I was little)

Finally the day arrived to start camp.
Rylee was SO excited.
She could hardly contain herself all morning!

This is what a very excited girl looks like!

It was so fun to pick Rylee up each day
after camp and hear ALL about her experiences.
The girls played games on their ponies,
made a craft each day,
learned how to saddle their pony,
brushed their pony,
put their ponies to bed each afternoon,
had snack time,
and even got to finger paint a real pony!!
They absolutely loved every single second.
I have a feeling this is going to become a Summer

Rylee and Gilligan

Jordan and Rex

Grace and Pepper

To top off all the fun of spending time on a pony
they got to spend time in on this awesome farm!
I know the kids don't realize the beauty
but I sure did!