Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We thrive on them around here.
This year has been a crazy and wild ride.
Our schedule is hectic Mon-Fri.
The one thing that pulls me through
all the craziness is knowing that my night
will always come to an end the same way as the
nights before....
Laying in my 5 year olds bed,
side by side,
discussing the exciting parts of our day...
along with the not so exciting parts.
...Followed by stories, a kiss, then snooze time

The time of night this event occurs
decides how many books we will get to read.
This past week Rylee has been bringing home a new book
each night she is supposed to read to me,
then send back the following day.
We start off with her reading to me then
when she's all finished and feels like shes
got it down pretty good its my turn to read.

Rylee has tons and tons of books.
We love going to B&N together to stroll
through the children's section.
Over the past 5 years we've acquired a pretty
impressive collection.

Last week upon browsing we came
across the Junie B. Jones series.
Rylee has been asking for a chapter book so we
decided to give Junie a try.
Junie B. is absolutely hilarious.
We've had a great time laughing our heads off at this girl!

Tonight while trying to decide which story to read
Rylee kept asking me to find her "tractor" book.
figure out what she was talking about.
Stories around this house consist of
Tractor books just aren't part of our collection.
I started asking more questions about this so called tractor book.
I asked if it was about Curious George?
No mom.
I asked if it was Are you my mother. The one about a bird.
I think it has a tractor in it.
No mom.
Well, can you give me a little more to go on than a tractor??
Yes, It has that girl Junie in it.
Rylee... do you mean your chapter book?
Yes mom that's what I was telling you!!!!!!