Monday, August 5, 2013

Lovin these summer nights!

We ordered takeout tonight and hung with the Fullmer fam. Their backyard pretty much rocks! After dinner Rylee pulled Josh and Ava around in the wagon and enjoyed the best sugar cookies on the planet! Sticky frosting lead to washing off with the hose... Which then lead to filling up the kiddie pool. The sun went down and the pool went away so the kids gladly moved on to the swing set! As Aunt Kiki was pushing Ava on the swing a grasshopper jumped up and hung out on her knee! As you can see this totally freaked Ava out BUT Rylee and Josh both thought it was the coolest ever! Aunt Sarah found a container so we caught him! I'm pretty sure the grasshopper loved the next activity, which was jumping on the trampoline, just as much as these crazy cutie pies did:)