Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Luna Moth Caterpillar

Out for a drive after school today we stumbled upon a HUGE, green, fast crawling, "animal" that the 4 of us were positive we'd never seen before. 
Curious as ever we crowded around this crawling friend, examining his every move. Josh was pretty curious, Rylee was totally creeped out, and Ava kept a safe distance away in awe. 
Once we caught our green buddy we turned to google for some fast answers. Typing green caterpillar into the search engine an image of the same looking creature popped up. The description referred to it as a Luna Moth Caterpillar. 
Slowly Ava became much more brave. Rylee, still completely uninterested. 
The Internet provided us with some interesting facts about this Luna Moth. First, it likes to eat leaves. So, leaves is just what he got! Second, once he turns into a moth he'll only live for one week. His main purpose is to reproduce. Third, once he's a moth he no longer has a mouth. he'll eating nothing during that week.