Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still have a set of Hello Kitty nails left... Want em?

Rylee's favorite Christmas present this year was her Hello Kitty fold out make-up box/nail care kit. She is such a girl... who would have thought? Well what can I say, she learned from the
best :) These pics are Rylee(duh) just after a mani/pedi and a couple fake nails. She thought those were the coolest thing to hit her house since baby dolls. I'm so lucky to have such a glammar girl! I dont know what I would have done with a boy. GROSS! I would have ruined him for sure! Speeking of ruining... I was at target this week and saw a little boy with a Snow White dress on. Yes YOU heard ME, I said SNOW WHITE!!! What the heck? Are his parents asking him to get his butt kicked?