Friday, February 13, 2009

Grandma GREAT

Oh how we LOVE Grandma GREAT!
She is so beautiful and so fun!

As you can see Rylee and Grandma Great are both wearing purple.
It has always been a favorite for Grandma Great but
now that Rylee is aware of this it is also her new favorite!
Rylee and I drove up to spend the afternoon with
Grandpa and Grandma "great"
(they are "great" because they are great-grandparents)
also, they are just GREAT!
We decided last minute to head up to Harrisville and hang out
with the grandparents. They were such good company and so sweet.
Grandma and Grandpa went all out and took us for a
nice dinner! Rylee and I have both decided that
we need to go up and see the GREATS more often.
Next time were planning to go to the dinosaur park
and have a sleepover!

Rylee is
with Grandma Great.

It is so fun to watch them. Rylee had to hold Grandmas hand,
sit by her at dinner, give her kisses upon arrival and departure...

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma GREAT for the fun day!
We love you!!