Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A FirSt...

Today we went to the park with our
*good friends*
Jessica, Aspen, and Irelynn.
This was Rylee's First time
flying a kite! She LOVED it
and actually did a pretty good job at
keeping her kite in the air.
It was a warm 62 degrees here today
but the wind was blowing...


Here is Rylee...

Here is Barbie...

Aspen and Rylee trying to get barbie to fly

Jessica and Irelynn

Barbie took one to many headers...
sadly we had to say our goodbyes
and leave her at the park

The best part about the experience today was
that Jessica realized about 20 minutes into flight
that we were the only ones still interested in flying.

The girls were over on the slide...

.....We felt a little dumb.....