Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Funny Story

For those of you who know Steve Walker,
you know he is a little fussy about
eating out and sticks to certain restaurants.
He has managed to eat lunch at Blimpie for the past 10 years
almost every day of the week.
They know him by name, when they see him pull in the
parking lot they start making his sandwich.
He is by far there BIGGEST customer.
(profit not size)

On Friday my cell phone rang and it was Steve (dad) calling.
He started the conversation with:

Dad: you will never guess where I am right now
Me: Where??
Dad: In the bathroom at Blimpie.
Me: COOL, why are you calling to tell me that?
Dad: I have been locked in here for 30 minutes.
I just called 911 though so I should be out soon.
I only came in to wash my hands.
Me: Why did you call 911 dad? Don't you think a simple
lock smith couldhave done the trick?
Dad: Tried. Can't.
Me: Well let me know the outcome. (Chuckle, laugh, smile, laugh again)


It took 55 minutes, 6 fireman, a locksmith, management,
a frantic wife,and a few customers.

5 minutes away from jaws of life.

So thankful my dad is still alive :)