Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Primary Children's is expecting you"

Those were the words I EXPECTED to hear today
from Rylee's pediatrician...
but not the words I WANTED to hear.

Rylee got a sliver during her trip in lake Powell
last week.

Yes, just a sliver.
A harmless sliver.

Nothing is harmless for this kid.
The sliver wasn't removed until returned home
to me and somehow turned into an infection.

The infection turned into what looks like
Yes, we seem to be bothered by the SUPER BUG
once again.

We were greeted by the staff at Primary Children's
this lovely morning.
The doctors discussed what to do with Miss,
and where to begin.
Rylee was already put on 2 different STRONG antibiotics
yesterday afternoon to try and prevent us from
any kind of bacteria from the lake water... or MRSA.
They started with an ultrasound on Rylee's foot
to assure them that there wasn't still any remains
of that darn sliver still in her foot.

CONFIRMED... I got it all;)

Next step was to cut and drain the abscess.
I was "honored" to "get" to hold Rylee
down once again and watch her
go through misery.


The nurse had a great reward.
A cherry Popsicle.
That red delight worked its magic!

They decided to send us back home for the waiting game.
Here are the many outcomes we could endure.

1: Antibiotics start to do there thang and Miss starts feeling better
(that's the one I'm hoping for)
2: The infection gets worse over the next few hours and
we return back to P.C.
(thumbs down)
3: Test comes back to confirm MRSA and we head back
up for at least 24 hours with an IV.
(double thumbs down)

Lets all hope for Rylee's sake,
and here moms emotional state,
That Rylee will get to stay HOME for the 4th of JULY!