Monday, July 27, 2009

Purpleicious beta fish

So our blue fish "tried" to commit suicide last week.
He succeeded
I am completely disgusted by fish
held captive in a bowl so
sadly when I saw the fish
around our counter top I
him complete his mission of death.

I was so overwhelmed with the idea
of picking up a dead, gray, lifeless beta
that I asked Sarah to come over and
beta to his resting spot.

(Sarah is watching me write this post,
she JUST informed me that she
didn't flush beta. She put him in our kitchen
garbage can. I just threw up a little.)

Here is our NEW beta.
She is purple.
Obviously we picked purple
because that is Grandma Great's

She has treated us well this past week.
She was a good pick from white trash walmart;)

Also, Rylees funny word of the week is

It KILLS me every time she says it!