Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day!

We had a fantastic Christmas this year!
The only things missing were:
Mom, pat, 4 siblings, 3 in-laws, and 8 cousins:(
Paul and Missy had Ryan and Ruth Ann.
Mom and Pat got Spencer and Brittany.
I'm thankful we had Sarah, Andrew, and Josh man.
Without them the 4 of us would have been very lonely!

Since most of the family were hundreds and hundreds of
miles away we decided to have our
Christmas program early at the house then
head out to Mimi's cafe and downtown
on TRAX to see the lights at temple square.

We all FROZE, so the lights were a quick 5 minutes then
back home for bed so Santa could come!

When we arrived home Santa's elves
rang our doorbell and brought us
Christmas Pj's

Rylee helped me bake cookies for Santa

Christmas morning was started very early!!!!!
Rylee opened her Zhu Zhu.
She was thrilled!
Santa could have only
brought that and she would have been
a very happy little girl!

The Fancy Nancy tutu and feather boa
were a big hit as expected!

Rylee was one spoiled gal.
This Christmas was so exciting for us all to watch.
She seemed to finally understand how it all works.
Grandpa and Granny had a great time watching the
magic and thrill in her eyes;)

After we packed up some toys and clothes we
drove down to St. George for a Christmas
Dinner prepared my Grandma Great!
Aunt Julie was there so it made it a great night
filled with family!

Since Rylee usually wakes up around 9:00am and
Christmas morning started at 6:30am
Rylee was pretty tired on our drive.
Excitement and and over stimulated
had set in and this diva was wired!
Grandpa told Rylee that if she would close
her eyes and sleep that he would throw her on the bean bag when
we got to St. George. 30 seconds later Rylee was out and
slept the whole drive!
We hope you all had a great Holiday Season!