Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodbyes are no good

Aunt Shalyce had baby Maddix in November.
We hadn't been able to make it up to meet this
handsome boy yet so this trip was
extra special being able to see him!
Shalyce and Maddix spent a lot of time with us.
It was so fun to have them around and
baby Maddix is adorable and cuddly;)

Rylee loved holding Maddix.
She did a great job giving him his binky.

Rylee and Nana had non-stop
play time everyday.
Rylee was exhausted when it came to bedtime.
She slept 13 to 14 hours every night.
Here they are playing dominoes.

Since Rylee and Nana are two pees in a pod
It only seems natural that they would both love to clean.
Mondays are clean the house day for Nana and
Rylee was happy to help;)

While digging through the dress up box Ry
found pom-poms and a tutu.

being a former cheerleader,
had tons of "moves" to show Ry.

We were all extra sad that the trip had to end.
Rylee and Nana were both a couple of
sobbing babies at the airport.
I held it together
(until Nana drove away)
We always have so much fun in Washington with
our family and friends but this last trip was
extra hard to say goodbye to.

Can't wait to head back up again;)