Thursday, February 18, 2010

A trip down Cherokee Lane

I was out for a run one morning in Mt. Vernon.
I decided to run past the home I grew up in.
When I reached the driveway I stopped to admire
and think of a few memories in the
only house I remember living in as a kid.
As I was peering a car drove in.
A nice lady got out of the car. I decided to walk down
the driveway and ask if she lived in the house.
-Do you live here?
-I grew up in this house.
-You did? Would you like to come inside and look around?

I got to go inside my old house.
I love this house.
I think of this house often.
I dream about this house.
Every time I go to Washington I drive past this house.
I remember this house to be SO big!
It's not all that big but
the memories I have in this house are HUGE!

When Spencer and I would get off the school bus
and walk home we would walk up this street here.
The name is Cherokee Ln.
These bushes were up to my 1st grade knees.
I used to walk OVER these shrubs everyday.
Every time I see them now I am amazed at how big they have grown!