Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lucky Penn"ies"

We needed a breath of fresh air
BADLY this evening.
The weather has been ridiculously cold.
Since the sun decided to shows its
pretty little self for a bit this afternoon
we decided to take advantage.

Ry is obsessed with going around the
block in her stylin ride. She is always a few feet in
front of me. Tonight we happened to come upon
a whole lotta pennies. Ry drove right on past without
noticing. I however noticed and yelled to Ry to throw
her Cadi in reverse.

When Ry asked why I told her there were a bunch
of lucky pennies.
was her response.
Boy was she happy when she got to the scene
to find a handful of pennies, one quarter, and one nickle.
After collecting every last one of them
she QUICKLY returned home to place
then safely in her pink piggy bank;)