Friday, August 27, 2010

Dressed to go running- Just Like Nana;)

Rylee has been
me up lately.
The past couple days I have
listened closely and observed her
imaginary world a little more than usual.
She is such a good little mother to her dolls,
she is a very good pet owner to her animals,
She is VERY good at gymnastics and pretend yoga.
This morning Rylee came to me wearing this...


running clothes if it isn't completely obvious.
The best part about this ensemble is that
she says she looks just like Nana here;)
tight running pants
(footless tights that show off her
striped unties perfectly)
a running shirt
(TIGHT under shirt)
and "hiking shoes"
-I'm still not completely sure how this looks
like Nana but whatever-

"Mommy, I'm ALL ready for a run around the block.
Wanna come"?

"Wow Rylee... you look just like a runner
I'm still in my pj's and I don't have shoes on.
Can I sit on the grass, watch, and cheer for you"?

Since Rylee is a normal girl and loves to be
praised, cheering on the grass sounded perfect!