Monday, August 9, 2010

Sadly summer must come to an end

I can't believe Rylee already
starts school next week!
We went to her preschool
orientation this morning.
She met her new teacher and a new
group of friends.
Although Rylee was VERY disappointed about
the fact she wouldn't get the same teacher
from last year she was
pleasantly surprised with her new one.

(Don't mind the blue Gatorade stained lips)
This year Rylee wanted to get a NEWCASTLE school bag.
She was very excited about this.
~I guess it's the little things~

Before we were even home Rylee had her name
written on her bag. I was a little upset at first
when I realized she had
ALREADY written on the new bag and she
wrote in the wrong place!
I guess I need to calm down because she was
so impressed with the fact that she was able to do it
At least she spelled it right;)