Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is a poem I ran across that my beautiful mom wrote for me two years ago

We are mother and daughter
We are girl friends divine
'Retail Therapy' buddies
The are of shopping we've refined!

Popcorn and See's candy
Talking into the night
Hair cuts, errands, and projects
Clearance rack, thrift shops- all right!

We still snuggle at bedtime
Now 3 in one space
You, Me, and Miss Rylee
A big grin on her face...

Twenty-five years ago now,
You came along in the fall
Straight from Heaven to my arms
Cute birthmark and all

As the years have gone by
Our attachment's still there
Love and laughter abounding
Kindness, goodness, tender care

'You are my sunshine' was the favorite
When I sung you to sleep
I can still picture your face
A memory I treasure to keep

When I count all my blessings
I thank God and declare
My grattitude for you
And the love that we share

Who knows what's before us
Life's uncertain, seems unfair
But, no matter what happens
I will always be there

Love, MOM