Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Dance

After WEEKS of practice Rylee's year end dance recital
night had finally arrived!

This little dancing diva made her mama and
grandparents very proud last week!

I cant believe that a class full of 2 and 3
year old girls rocked the stage of
a packed audience at
Rose Wagner Theater!

They all danced
we all laughed at how cute they were

After all...
THE POINT of putting your
pretty little ballerina in dance class at age 2
is for the shows where you can laugh at how
dang cute
they are!

Grandpa, Miss Thang, Mommy, and Granny Kate

Never end a fabulous show without a bow

Grand Finale

(Rylee is the 4th lady in from the right)

I realize that these pictures are in backward order.
That's what I get for taking a 2 week break from the blogging
world. I forget the important things like uploading pics!