Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lots of rain= BIG WORMS!

We were adding some flowers to the yard today...
I asked Miss if she would like to
plant a flower in a pot to take inside.

Obviously she said YES!

She knows that she now has a BIG
responsibility of making sure it doesn't die.
She "understands" that flowers need water
to live.

I don't think she totally understood.
She yelled at me when I brought the pot inside,
(I guess she knows this because of the dirty feet story)

While outside I found a ton of wormies.
It has been raining here the past few days.
I found a HUGE wormie and called Rylee over to
take a look.

She found this fascinating.
She was still a little scared being so close...
this worm was pretty impressive.
She ran inside to put shoes on to squish the wormie.
She said she wanted it to die.

I told her not to kill it.

She listened to me...
she actually listened to me!!!
This is a first in quite a while :)

Isn't it huge??

Worms are not supposed to go in the grass according to
the know it all Diva. She tried to yell at Mr. Worm to stop and
turn around and go back to the dirt.

The wormie wouldn't listen to her.


When the yelling idea failed she tried threatening the wormie.
She told Mr. that if he didn't get back in that
dirt that she was gonna call the birds over
to come eat him

She is so entertaining sometimes!