Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shot, Speech, Stylin Shades, and Shopping

Miss had a doctor appt today to check
vision and speech.
are a problem.
She has 20/40 in each eye so
she will probably be getting a stylin'
pair of glasses here shortly.
Speech is another obstacle she must overcome.
We will be enrolling in a little therapy very soon as well.

I promised Rylee that she wouldn't have to get a
at the doctor today. That's always a serious concern of hers.
Since she has been, and still is, sick they didn't
want to give Ry the mist flu vaccine.
They wanted to give her the shot.

I felt so bad.
I really wasn't tricking her!

The doctor also said that the cold she has
might be swine... awesome!

After the doctor today I decided like mother like daughter
Rylee needed a little retail therapy herself.
We went shopping!
Rylee couldn't even make it home to open her new
treasure (barbie) before she was snoring.
3 hours later she awoke...

... and decided a movie and popcorn would make her feel better.