Thursday, October 8, 2009

sweet girl

*Rylee is such a sweet little girl.
*She is always giving great big bear hugs.
*She is attached at the hip to her Grandpa.
*She brightens up the life instantly to
everyone she is around.
*She is getting better at sharing.
*She loves to give kisses.
*She waves at every neighbor on our walks.
*She asks Grandpa how is golf game was for the day.
*She always says "I love you mama"
*Every night at bedtime she asks what my favorite
part of the day was.
*Every morning when she wakes up she first asks for
a milky cup of course. Shortly after she asks
if I had a good night sleep.
*She loves school.
*She loves every single one of her grandparents
VERY MUCH! She Even loves her friends
grandparents like they are her own.
She makes my life incredible!

Today I was having a sad moment.
I try not to have these "moments" very often,
esp. around the diva.
She asked why I was sad.
I told her sometimes mommys even get sad,
just like Rylees do.
My sweet Angel then said...
Mommy would a song make you happy
because I can sing to you!

~Oh life IS so simple when you're 3~