Friday, January 22, 2010


Rylee started speech this week!
She has gone to a couple different evaluations
over the past few weeks where they
determined that she is in the 2nd %
for speech out of kids tested for her age.

This is no surprise to me.
Her little voice and the way she
says her words cracks me up.
I wish she could stay like this forever, but I know that
would be bad... very bad!

Wednesday Rylee went to her first day of speech.
It's a preschool setting with 6 other kids and 2 teachers.
The BEST part is that it's at a BIG KID school.
This is SO cool to a 3 1/2 year old:)

This week they practiced the letter S.
Rylee got to go all around the school with these awesome
binoculars on a "field trip".
They were so cool we had to come right home and make some
of our very own...

We have real homework every night now.
Rylee is so excited and feels so big!
the letter S is coming along quite nicely!

Wish us luck!