Friday, January 22, 2010

undeniable unicorn

Rylee loves unicorns.
What diva doesn't like them.
Just so you know,
they are real around our house.

Tonight after brushing teeth,
reading stories,
having the 3rd last sip of water,
and being all tucked in I thought
my exhausted Ry had finally drifted off to sleep.


she hadn't.
She was quietly letting her mind wander.
Oh was it wandering...
Out of nowhere she sat up straight in bed,
looked at me with a serious look and said
"mom what do unicorns eat"

I tried my hardest not to giggle.

so cute
so innocent
so real
so imaginative
so interested
so sincere

I thought about this for a bit.
What do unicorns eat?
I then let my mind wander.
I managed to come up with a lot of
funny responses however non of them were appropriate.

I answered with hay.
That answer cured the curiosity,
for the night anyway;)