Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*Hoppy Early Easter*

I decided that this year the Easter Bunny was going to
bring us a real bunny.
Today I was looking online at bunnies.
I realized that Easter is near and if we
we're going to get a baby bunny now is the time to buy.
I found a cute lady close by who told me she would
hold onto one of her bunnies until Easter if I would pay her now.
I drove to her house while Ry was at school today to drop off a check.
Once I laid eyes on this little hopper I fell in love.
So soft.
So cute.
So small!

Sarah was right.
She said...
I know when you get there you will just end up bringing
it home. Its like when dad goes car shopping. He usually comes home
that same day with a brand new car!
I said no way, I will wait!

Well I couldn't wait.
could you?

I also couldn't wait until Easter to introduce
Rylee and her new furry friend.

Ry is in

Hoppy early Easter!