Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ski time!

This "UTAH AIR" is killing me.
My mom took me to the doctor yesterday.
I have my 3rd sinus infection
since the beginning of February.
I am now on my 3rd round of antibiotics.
14 days of these stomach turners!
My mom is not very excited about this
because antibiotics make me bounce off the walls!!

My Uncle Spencer and Aunt Brittany
invited me to go skiing with them today.
Since this air in the valley is obviously effecting
me my mom picked me up a little early from school
today so I could play on the slopes with them!

I had a BLAST!
It was my first time and I was a natural pro!
We skipped the bunny hill entirely
and went straight to the chairs!
I was so brave
Uncle even let me go all alone on the easy parts;)

Here I am,
all ready to try out this thing they call skiing!

Aunt Brittany, Uncle Spencer, and me!

Its hard to see us but we are on the chair lift

~Me and Uncle~

Hi mom!

As you can see I am crying in this picture.
I did NOT want to be done skiing
but the slopes were closing.

Thanks Aunt and Uncle!
I had such a fun afternoon with you!
Please let my mommy know next time you
go and I will be dressed and ready to meet you;)

Love, Rylee Kate