Sunday, March 21, 2010


Easter in near...
This ONLY means one thing...
The Easter Bunny is now at the mall!

For Rylee,
going to the mall to see Mr. Bunny himself
is more exciting than seeing Santa!

I know this is a little strange.
She asks all year
if the Easter Bunny is around to visit.

Today was the day she finally met face to face
the Bunny himself!

So exciting!!!

Rylee and her friend Jayla went to see the bunny together.
Jayla wasn't much of a fan of the bunny.
Jayla's mommy said,
"If you won't sit on the Easter Bunny's lap then
you don't get bunny ears."
This didn't change poor Jayla's mind.
She was terrified of the bunny and sticking to it!

You can't go to the mall and not ride on
the carousel!

~Rylee and Bailey the Bunny~

Believe it or not,
Rylee and Bailey are quite good friends.
Bailey ACUTALLY likes to be "tortured"
and "carried" around the house.
Rylee tries to be gentle with her
but lets be honest...
how soft can a 3 year old really be?

Have a happy spring!