Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conversation of the day...

Tonight my sidekick and I were out
after dinner in search of a sugar cookie.
Mission accomplished;)
Paradise Bakery has amazing cookies!

On our drive home Rylee asks:
Rylee: Mommy, why do fish die?
Mommy: Well eventually everything dies.
Rylee: Not houses!
Mommy: You're right, houses do not die.
Rylee: ...And bears don't live in houses.

Rylee: Mommy, where do bunnies live?
Mommy: Well some bunnies live outside, some live in a cage,
and some live at the pet store.

Rylee: Mommy, what do Kelli's Pajamas look like?
(Kelli is our amazing neighbor, like another mom to us)
Mommy: I'm not sure.
Rylee: Okay... Stop at her house and I will go ask her.
Mommy: Kelli is on vacation. Sorry. You can ask her
when you see her next time.

Rylee: Mommy, What does Mark's Pajamas look like?
(Mark is also our neighbor. Ry loves to go check on
Mark, his wife Cherie, and there dog Mercedes. They are
like family as well)
Mommy: I'm not sure.
Rylee: well, can you stop in his driveway so I can go ask him?
Mommy: No darling, not tonight;)

Rylee constantly cracks me up.
She is ALWAYS thinking.
You can see it in her eyes and all over her face.
Very curious little girl.
So loving.
Always asking to help me with WHATEVER I'm doing.
Loves to clean.
Has the most polite manners of any 3 year old I have EVER met.
Such a soft heart.
Always willing to give someone a big kiss and hug
when she can tell they are sad.
Very energetic!
Obsessed with dancing and showing off!
Loves to be the center of attention;)
LOVES her family...
especially all of her grandparents!
Way too smart for her own good.

I am so lucky to have this chic as my daughter.
She is the L.O.V.E. of my life.
I can't believe she is almost 4.
Time flies bye.