Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Evening

Grandpa and Granny Kate
Andrew, Sarah, and Josh
Spencer and Brittany
Mommy and Rylee

We all went to the Country Club
for a nice Easter dinner!

Mommy and beautiful Rylee

The Easter Bunny showed up at dinner!
Mr. Bunny couldn't even
sit down before Rylee jumped
up onto his lap.

You would think that the egg hunt and overflowing
basket that Bunny had already given
Rylee would be enough.
Apparently not...
He brought another gift!
A pink stuffed bunny;)

Once Josh noticed what Rylee was up
to he was more than happy to join her!
I love his big cheesy smile in this picture!

The fun just kept on going!
After the Easter Bunny said his goodbyes
two ponies were waiting outside ready for riders!

I'm pretty sure Rylee rode on the pony 8 times.
I'm positive that is more than ANY other kid there!